You are a nanobot tasked with defending the nucleus from the virus. How many rounds can you withstand the attack?

Note: The game is playable in the browser, but for best performance download the executable bellow.

How to play

You start with 25 seconds to prepare before the next wave. Fly around the edge of the cell to find where the viruses are planning to mount their attack. After the preparation timer is up, blast the hostile DNA they release.

Destroying the hostile DNA will drop protein points (PP). Once you have collected all the protein points head back to the nucleus and press E to interact. The nucleus allows you to purchase turrets with PP. Surrounding the nucleus are 3 mitochondria which offer powerful upgrades for PP.

Hopefully you are ready for the next round, because the virus is returning, and it won't be so easily defeated this time!


  • W - fly up
  • S - fly down
  • A - fly left
  • D - fly right
  • E - interact
  • Left click - Shoot


Download 15 MB
CellDefence.x86_64 47 MB
CellDefence.exe 42 MB

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